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What to Expect


Telemedicine Comprehensive Consult


Lifestyle Rx (addressing energy, diet, exercise, sleep, gut health etc.)


 Functional Medicine Lab Panels


Telehealth Lab Review and Medical Rxs (BIHRT, Peptides, Injectable therapies)


Monthly Follow up addressing progress, any needed adjustments to optimize results and new goals or health challenges.

Icon Precision Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement.
Icon Comprehensive Consultation and Health-Risk Assessment
Icon Lifestyle Prescription and Wellness Roadmap
Icon Functional Medicine Testing 
Icon We analyze your unique personal and family medical history and lifestyle while taking into consideration your health and beauty goals to formulate a path to your most vibrant health.
Icon BioHacks for age management and reversing premature aging.
Icon Safe Alternatives to Conventional medicine remedies including hormones, peptides and therapeutic doses of scientifically proven nutraceuticals 

Want to get started on the road Weight loss
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20. Min applied to any treatment or program

Vibrant Body Program (6 weeks)

Initial Comprehensive Medical Assessment
  • All history, meds, habits, uploaded into patient file.
  • Precision medical consultation and history (45 min)
  • Personalized health plan including precision medical advice, nutraceutical remedies, diet, vitamin and peptide therapies.
  • Prescriptions and referrals for medications or diagnostics
Functional Testing
  • Comprehensive labs including hormones and cardio metabolic panels
  • Lab kits sent to you and done at local phlebotomy center or at home nurse
Lab Review and Precision Plan
  • Lab consultation and review (30-40 min)
  • Second lifestyle plan including any needed prescription medications and supplement adjustments
Program includes
  • Discounts on other beauty and aesthetic services.
  • Discounts on all labs, supplements, nutraceuticals

Follow-up appointment (30 min)

  • Refills and prescriptions
  • Follow-up and adjustments
  • New medical concerns
  • Further health optimization and goals

Concierge Medicine 1 year Program

Includes everything in Vibrant Body Program Plus:
  • Special discounted pricing on functional lab work
  • Unlimited email access for all questions and concerns
  • Once per month progress checkup with prescriptions and refills included (20 min)

Price upon consultation

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