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Want to Lose Weight? Our Detoxification Program Can Help You Do Just That

Want to Lose Weight? Our Detoxification Program Can Help You Do Just That

If you think of detoxification as nothing more than a quick way to drop a few pounds, you're missing the most important benefits. In addition to helping you lose weight now, detoxing supports long-term weight loss and promotes vibrant health.

Following a detoxification program is not the same as a trendy detox diet. A detox diet may (or may not) eliminate toxins because it’s mostly for weight loss. Detox diets produce quick results until you go off the diet, and then you regain the weight.

By comparison, detoxification is a purposeful process to reset your body and improve your overall health. A medically supervised detox lays the groundwork for a sustainable lifestyle that supports healthy weight loss and helps you keep the weight off.

You will lose weight during your detoxification program, but you get much more than dropping a few pounds. Detoxification helps you break away from the toxins, food addictions, and bad eating habits that sabotage your weight.

Jelena Petkovic, PAC, MMS, DHSc, specializes in detoxification and weight loss, creating personalized programs that support your unique goals. Here, she shares more information about the relationship between detoxification and weight loss.

Detoxification supports your health

Your body has the remarkable ability to detox, naturally eliminating substances that lead to illness and disease. The liver is your first line of defense, but it can't function fully without support from many other systems, including your gut, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

When any of these systems become damaged by inflammation (a problem often caused by your diet) or chronic disease, your body can't effectively detox — and that's a major health threat.

You're constantly exposed to dangerous contaminants, ranging from added sugars and alcoholic beverages to metabolic wastes, heavy metals, pesticides, and hundreds of other chemicals.

Toxins that aren't cleared away cause an array of health problems. But if you're trying to lose weight, there's more you need to know about toxins and your weight.

Toxins contribute to weight gain

You've probably heard the standard weight-loss formula many times, but just in case you haven’t, it goes like this: Your weight depends on the calories you consume compared to the calories you burn.

That makes it sound simple, but that's not the whole story. Losing weight is anything but simple and easy because many variables other than calories factor into the equation. For example, hormone imbalances can interfere with weight loss and result in weight gain.

Many toxins also make you gain weight. Added sugars have a starring role, but they're not the only toxins you need to worry about.

A wide range of common environmental toxins disrupt your metabolism and cause weight gain. Toxins also influence your endocrine system, leading to the type of hormone imbalances that affect your weight.

Following a medically supervised detoxification program and eliminating contaminants gives you the ability to lose weight now and for the long run.

Detoxification and diet are connected

There's no doubt that detoxification supports short and long-term weight loss, but a detox is time limited. Once your detox stops, lifestyle habits pick up the slack. Your diet and exercise choices keep your weight on a downward trend.

Your diet can also support or undermine your body's natural detox process. In addition to eliminating foods that add to your toxin burden, you can choose to eat foods that improve detoxification.

And as it turns out, the dietary habits that keep your body’s detox systems healthy also help you lose weight.

You need to stay well-hydrated, consume lean proteins that support enzyme activity, and get enough fiber to clean wastes out of your large intestine, to name just a few.

Our detoxification program can kickstart your diet, get you over a weight-loss plateau, and promote ongoing weight loss. We also offer an individualized weight-loss program with many additional services that help you reach your goal.

If you're ready to lose weight and restore vibrant health, call Dr. Jelena or book an appointment online today.

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