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Dr. Jelena specializes in Functional and Aesthetic Medicine for women. Dr. Jelena is trained in functional, integrative, and anti-aging medicine and can help you achieve the safest and sustainable results for your ideal health, body and image.  Your experience with Dr. Jelena always starts with either comprehensive functional medical testing or a thorough consultation taking into consideration your past medical history, lifestyle and personal health goals. 

Later on Dr. Jelena personalizes health programs that may include IV therapies, bioidentical hormones, peptides, nutraceuticals, specialized testing, body scans and other diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Dr. Jelena only sees new patients that are committed to an affordable six-week minimum journey and investment into their health.  Established patients often use Dr.Jelena as a family physician that can serve them and their families for all their health and medical concerns via telemedicine.

Dr. Jelena Services Include:

Icon Bio Identical Hormone Replacement
Icon Functional Medicine
Icon Weight Loss Panels
Icon Concierge Medicine
Icon Preventative Medicine
Icon Detoxification
Icon Peptide Therapy
Icon Digestive Health and Microbiome Assessment
Icon Comprehensive Blood testing
Icon Personalized Supplements
Icon IV Therapy
Icon Medical Weight loss including use of GLP-1 peptide
Icon Epigenetic Testing (How to slow aging)
Icon Genetic Testing and Evaluation
Icon Antiaging Medicine
Icon Advanced heart health prevention.
Icon Micronutrient Testing
Icon Health Coaching
Icon Food Allergy testing
Icon Medical Nutrition
Icon Autoimmune Testing and Management
Icon Peptide prescriptions
Icon Environmental Toxins Screening
Icon EKG for Preventive Heart Health
Icon Full Body Scan with No Radiation


Icon PRP Hair and Skin Facial Rejuvenation
Icon Exosome Therapy for scars and skin rejuvenation
Icon PDO Threads- Certified trainer for Medithread
Icon Hyaluronic Acid injections for facial balancing and hydration
Icon Botox Dynamic Wrinkle therapy, Hyperhydrosis, Jaw Slimming
Icon GHK-Cu, BPC 157 peptide therapies for skin and aging

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